Let me guess why you’re here:

            You saw my link and clicked on it

            You saw my profile or portfolio

            You want something

            We met or corresponded and I suggested you visit this site

            Could be a personal or a group interest
            Looking for a high margin solution to some problem, challenge or opportunity
            Want some inspiration

That covers a lot.
But I’m still guessing. Guessing can be very time consuming and expensive. From B2B market-demand-guessing to problem-guessing to innovation to project management and leadership, I can help reduce the guessing, increase collaboration and improve outcome success.

The name, “Bluefuse,” suggests a lot of topics: Blue – as in blue sky – suggests divergent, innovative thinking and exploration. Fuse – as in fusing materials together - suggests a convergence resulting in a decision point from which action can be taken. Efforts to identify root cause or B2B markets or project scope or choosing new leaders require this combination of broad then narrow collaboration resulting in action plans that everyone is behind. At today’s pace, knowing when and how to diverge and converge is essential to innovative growth. “Bluefusing” is professional brainstorming where the goal is to end sessions with everyone feeling spent, satisfied and tasked with next steps. It is not a casual effort.

How might I help? What I think you need and what you think you need and what you really need could be very different!

Not to waste an opportunity to add value; do you have time to view three concepts that all of us can improve in order to innovate more effectively:

 Growing individual, group and organiZationAL ENGAGEMENTS toward BETTER RESULTS

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