Bluefuse Workshops

  • Train presenters to abandon "content dump" methods and improve audience engagement:
    Impact Facilitation for Trainers (3 day workshop)
  • Train leaders to throttle back their influence and increase employee contributions:
    Impact Facilitation for Leaders  (2 day workshop)
  • Introduce project team members to PM concepts without investing in major certification programs: Participating in Projects * (1/2 day to 2 day workshop)
  • Improve presentation and influence skills:
    Effective Presentations (2 day workshop)

Bluefuse Facilitation Services

  • Co-design and facilitate one hour to three day group engagements to achieve:
  • Clarify and prioritize problems
  • Define a problem or opportunity statement
  • Explore solutions and select
  • Invent solutions that are new, useful and sustainable
  • Plan strategy
  • Organize team or teams
  • Inspire/get group unstuck
  • Change a fire fighting culture

  • Project Management & Leadership (3 day workshop)
  • Microsoft Project Introduction (1 1/2 day workshop)
  • Intensive: facilitated project launch (3+ days)
  • Techniques for Innovative Problem Solving (TIPS) (2 day workshop)

  • The Leadership Transition [TLT] (1 day workshop)
  • Maximizing Your Impact [MYI] (3, 3hour online sessions)

  • New Product Blueprinting

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